S H E  L L E Y ' S  G E R M A N  S H E P H E R D S
H  O  M  E    R  A  I  S  E  D

W E L C O M E  T O  S H E L L E Y ' S
G E R M A N  S H E P H E R D S

​My love for this breed starts back to my childhood. From the day my family welcomed our first german shepherd to my current family of German Shepherds today, they have demonstrated ummatched beauty, courage, loyalty, strength, and companionship.

Our german shepherds come from some of Germany's finest bloodlines. All of our imports are sound minded, intelligent, confident, loyal, and well socialized. The German Shepherd dog is one of the most versatile of all breeds. Not only are they the most optimal family companions, but they also provide personal protection. German Shepherds demostrate from an early age great potential to excel as show or working class dogs as well. 

                                           T H E  S E C R E T  T O  O U R  S U C C E S S ?

​Love. That's why provide home raised, socialized German Shepherd puppies. We feel that it is crutial to expose and monitor them throughout various social settings. In challenging them in such, our German Shepherd puppies smart, loving, and always gorgeous family companions. 

We nurture and raise them based on their critical period. Our dogs are social and friendly with people and with each other. 

Our top goal is to breed heathy, wonderful temperaments with medium, to medium high drive puppies.
We conciously breed with the family in mind.